Sea water desalination using CO2 gas from combustion exhaust

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The invention relates to desalination of Sea water and of brakish water, and removal of harmful CO.sub.2 gas in exhaust from combustion apparatuses. The exhaust, rich in carbon dioxide (CO.sub.2) is diverted to a process chamber, where Sea water, after being mixed with Ammonia, as a catalyst to weaken the salt molecules, is pumped into the chamber and dispersed at many points near the top, as a fine spray, exposing the salt to the CO.sub.2 gas there. The internal bond of the salt molecules (NaCl) are weaker by the Ammonia in the water attaching and pulling on their Cl atom. The CO.sub.2 in the chamber is attaching and pulling on the Na atom of the salt molecules and are further reduces the bond, breaking them apart. Two heavy solids are formed, they settle in a clarifier below and are removed. Desalinated Sea water, in large quantities per ton of salt, over flows from the clarifier, for use in communities and for agriculture. Therewith is also harmful CO.sub.2 in the exhaust removed, before being discharged from the process chamber to the sky. The solid NH.sub.4 Cl can be recycled for Ammonia, and the second solid Na.sub.2 CO.sub.3 is a saleable product, which may more than pay for the process.

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