Method and apparatus for personnel detection and tracking

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Techniques from computer vision and computer graphics are combined to robustly track a target (e.g., a user) and perform a function based upon the image and/or the identity attributed to the target's face. Three primary modules are used to track a user's head: depth estimation, color segmentation, and pattern classification. The combination of these three techniques allows for robust performance despite unknown background, crowded conditions, and rapidly changing pose or expression of the user. Each of the modules can also provide an identity classification module with valuable information so that the identity of a user can be estimated. With an estimate of the position of a target in 3-D and the target's identity, applications such as individualized computer programs or graphics techniques to distort and/or morph the shape or apparent material properties of the user's face can be performed. The system can track and respond to a user's face in real-time using completely passive and non-invasive techniques.

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