Method and apparatus for packet scheduling using queue length and connection weight

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A packet scheduling scheme capable of realizing a fair scheduling regardless of weights of connections. A packet scheduler has a plurality of packet queues for temporarily storing entered packets, to each of which a weight is set up; a packet input unit for entering packets into the packet queues; a scheduling information management unit for managing scheduling information for specifying an order to read out packets stored in the packet queues, according to a queue length of each packet queue and the weight set up for each packet queue; and a packet output unit for reading out and outputting desired packets from the packet queues according to the scheduling information. In a case of fixed length packets, the scheduling information management unit always holds as many scheduling information corresponding to one packet queue as a smaller one the queue length of that one packet queue and the weight set for that one packet queue, so as to make a processing time required for scheduling constant regardless of a number of connections.

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