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Extruded bunk step for bunk bed




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A bunk front (10) is disclosed for use with a bunk (12) in a vehicle such as a tractor. The bunk front (10) is formed of an extrusion (22) with a first portion (24) and a second portion (28). The first portion (24) has an upper section (32) and a lower section (34) forming an opening therebetween (26). The first portion (24) is secured on the front end of the bunk (12) by a series of teeth (40) on the first and second sections (32, 34), the wedging of the sections and, preferably an adhesive as well. The second portion (28) forms a step (30) which can be either covered by or exposed by a covering (64) depending on whether the bunk front (10) is to be utilized as a step or not.

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