Flexible radio access and resource allocation in a universal mobile telephone system

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The present invention provides flexible radio access and resource allocation in a Universal Mobile Telephone System (UMTS). A UMTS Terrestrial access network (UTRAN) in response to a radio access bearer service request, flexibly and efficiently allocates resources necessary to support a communication with a mobile radio. The UTRAN includes plural base stations for communicating with mobile radios over a radio/air interface using radio channel resources allocated by a radio network controller connected to the base stations. External network service nodes interfacing with external networks communicate with the UTRAN over a radio access network interface. The UTRAN provides a radio access bearer service to the external network service nodes, and radio access bearers are dynamically assigned to radio channel resources by the UTRAN. When establishing each bearer, the UTRAN flexibly maps or allocates the radio access bearer to physical transport resources through the UTRAN and radio channel resources over the radio/air interface. In an example embodiment, the transport between nodes and the UTRAN includes an ATM connection, and a radio channel over the air interface includes one or more CDMA spreading codes. The mapping is based on one or more parameters including for example one or more quality of service parameters and/or current traffic conditions. In addition, if the one or more parameters changes during the life of the connection, the connection may be switched to a more appropriate channel type.

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