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Control device for the formation of several simultaneous radar reception beams for an electronic scanning antenna


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A control device for the formation of plural simultaneous radar reception beams in an electronic scanning antenna. The electronic scanning antenna includes an array of detectors of a reception microwave signal arranged in n columns and m rows. The control device makes, in the microwave domain, a first partial combination of the signals received, the first combination being made according to each column. An optical device makes a second partial combination in the optical domain, the optical device including at least n optical sources each producing an optical signal modulated at the frequency of the reception microwave signal by an associated microwave combination signal. The optical signal is divided into r optical signals to obtain nxr optical signals. An optical phase-shifting device is provided for each of the nxr optical signals obtained, and r combining devices combine each group of n optical signals, and r detectors detect the microwave signal f assigned to each group of n optical signals to form r microwave reception beams. The control device can be applied especially to a simple and flexible reconfiguration of reception beams of an electronic scanning antenna.

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