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Method for filling and capping containers such as screw top bottles and the screw top closures therefor




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This invention relates to a method for filling and capping containers, preferably screw top bottles, that are closed with a cap-like closing element preferably a screw cap. The invention achieves a more secure closure and a more hygienic mouth area. The method includes the following steps a) after the filling has been completed, the liquid in the bottles is allowed to foam, with minimized overflow of the foaming liquid, b) a first cap part is applied to the mouth of the bottle to stop the foam, thus forming a sealing fit on the mouth of the bottle, c) when the mouth of the bottle has been sealed by the first cap part, any traces of liquid and/or foam that may remain on the mouth of the bottle are sprayed, off, and d) the actual main cap is applied to the mouth of the bottle, without introducing any additional oxygen into the mouth of the bottle.

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