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Styrenated maleinized fatty acid glyceride copolymer for aqueous dispersed binders in solvent free ambient dry paints




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An ambient dry water dispersed coating composition substantially free of volatile organic coalescing solvents, the coating composition containing a polymer film forming binder comprises between 40% and 50% copolymerized non-conjugated, unsaturated fatty acid triglyceride, between 40% and 55% copolymerized ethylenic monomer including styrene, and between 3% and 12% copolymerized maleic anhydride. The film forming copolymer is produced by first reacting maleic anhydride with the fatty acid triglyceride at high temperatures between C. to form a maleinized triglyceride having a pendent maleic anhydride structure. The maleinized triglyceride is then styrenated at temperatures between about C. and C. in the presence of at least 4% peroxide initiator based on the weight of monomers copolymerized to form a styrenated, maleinized fatty acid triglyceride copolymer having anhydride groups. The anhydride groups are neutralized with amine or ammonia and the neutralized copolymer is dispersed in water.

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