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Method of manufacturing a brush head by way of an injection molding process

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The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a brush head comprising a brush head body carrying bristle bundles, in particular for tooth brushes, by way of injection molding, in which a first plastic component is injected into a first mold cavity for forming a bristle carrier, and ends of bristle filaments projecting into the first mold cavity are encompassed by the first plastic component. In order to guarantee a complete filling of the mold and a favorable reproduction of the mold cavity geometry, but to avoid at the same time a penetration of plastic mass into ducts in which the bristle filaments are held, it is suggested by the present invention that the bristle carrier manufactured during the first step is relocated into another mold cavity, which is larger than the bristle carrier, and which is filled with a hard component. The present invention further relates to a brush head, in particular for a tooth brush, comprising at least one brush head body carrying a bristle bundle in which the fixing-sided ends of bristle filaments are embedded by an over-molding, wherein it is suggested according to the invention in order to provide a brush head complying with the above-mentioned demands, that the brush body comprises a bristle carrier encompassing the bristle filaments on the attachment side, the bristle carrier being embedded into a hard component.

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