Surgical instrument fluid shield

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A surgical instrument fluid shield is disclosed having a radially proximal edge, at least a portion thereof defining an adjustable aperture for engaging an elongated object, and a conical-shaped section which opens outward from the radially proximal edge, to a wider radially peripheral edge. A portion of the adjustable aperture preferably is in the shape of a sleeve or the like which sealingly engages the elongated object, forming a generally fluid tight seal between the shield and the elongated object and helping to maintain proper alignment of the shield while on the endoscope or other device. The shield may be made of a rubber material such as silicone or a biocompatible elastomer material. The shield may be sufficiently stiff to generally maintain its shape while being simultaneously resilient to allow the aperture at the radially proximal edge to adjust to the outside dimension of the elongated object. The peripheral edge of the conical shield has an outward extending lip which further deflects the splash or flow of fluid away e.g., from the instrument eyepiece, camera coupler, and face and hands of the surgeon during a procedure.

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