Method for preparing an oat product and a foodstuff enriched in the content of .beta.-glucan

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The invention relates to a method for preparing an oat product enriched in the content of .beta.-glucan as well as a method for preparing a foodstuff incorporating such an enriched oat preparate. The invention uses dehulled or naked oats, which are subjected to dry milling and dry fractionation at multiple stages without a preceding removal of fat. The oat material is at a first stage subjected to dry milling and dry classification to separate a coarser fraction containing grain cell wall material and starch containing subaleurone layer as a pre-enriched fraction from a finer, endosperm containing fraction. At a second stage said pre-enriched fraction is subjected to dry milling, where the disintegraing action is more effective than at the first stage, and to dry classification for separating a coarser, cell wall material containing fraction as the enriched product from a finer, starch containing fraction. The dry milling may be constituted by roller or impact milling, and the dry classification may be sieving or air classification. The foodstuff containing the enriched oat preparate may be a cereal, meat, ready-to-eat meal, drink or candy product.

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