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Crop feed draper for a header

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A draper header includes two side drapers each running from an outer end guide roller at a first end of the header to an inner end guide roller adjacent the discharge location of the header and a central feed draper located at the discharge location and including a front guide roller just behind the cutter bar and running to a rear guide roller in front of the feeder house of the combine harvester. An auger is located between the discharge rollers with a front edge of the flight forward of the rear end of the discharge rollers to feed the material inwardly and underneath the auger to the inlet of the feeder house. The feed draper carries cleats which are angled to the rollers in two sections converging to a central leading apex to reduce forces on the cleat as they pass over the front guide roller which is of reduced diameter to fit within a small space adjacent the cutter bar. The connection at the ends of the draper canvas is also angled to the rollers so as to be parallel to the cleats and includes separate connectors having a convex shape.

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