Flanged coupling device with a static ball-and-socket joint

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The invention relates to couplings for fluid flowlines and more particularly to couplings that can be dismantled comprising flanges and a static ball-and-socket joint for use with flowlines having a diameter lying in the range 40 mm to 200 mm and transporting fluids (gases or liquids) of high penetrability, at high temperature of up to 800.degree. C., and at high pressure of up to 450.times.10.sup.5 Pa. Teh device comprises a flanged coupling device with a static ball-and socket joint comprising a first coupling member (1) having a conical sealing surface (8), a second coupling member (3) having concave sealing surface (10) of spherical shape, a two-barrier metal gasket (2) disposed between the sealing surface (8, 10) of the first and second coupling members (1, 3), and assembly means (4) for assembling the first and second coupling members (1, 3) together so as to hold the gasket (2) between their respective sealing surfaces (8, 10). The metal gasket (2) is made of a refractory granular nickel alloy that withstands hydrogen, having uniform fine grain structure with isotropic properties and coated in three sealing layers, the first layer (27) being of nickel, the second layers (28) being of silver, and the third layer (29) being an antifriction lubricant of an inorganic material that is compatible with the fluid used.

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