Protective cover for slings, ropes, cables and the like

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A protective cover formed substantially of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene yarns and having first and second opposing edges connected by a high shear strength hook and loop fastener system. The high shear strength hook and loop fastener system includes areas of a plurality of high shear strength hooks along opposing edges of the cover and an intermediate disposable strip having a plurality of loops on both sides of the strip configured to be received between the areas having the plurality of hooks. The cover wraps around the sling so that a portion of the first edge and second edge overlap with the intermediate disposable strip to form the releasable connection. When the edges are released, the intermediate strip may be replaced, when worn, by a new intermediate strip with the remainder of the cover and fastener system being reusable.

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Advanced Composite Structures, LLCALBUQUERQUE, NM, US20

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Holland, Connie W Bailey, US 21 122
Holland, John E Bailey, US 26 182

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