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Egg tray and fixer and method of processing eggs using the same




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The present invention relates to an egg tray that is used to sterilize an egg or to boil the egg soft or hard and in which an egg is washed, heated, sterilized, boiled soft or hard, dried, coated, inspected, cooled, and packed to increase the safety and the value of commodity of foods and to increase the productivity, a fixer for layering the egg trays to fix them, and a method for processing an egg by using the same. The egg trays of the present invention includes a plurality of convex parts that are disposed at a predetermined interval to be connected to each other, a plurality of bottom parts that are protruded in an opposite direction with respect to the convex parts, and a guide part that is protruded from the center part of the convex part, and in which a plurality of fluid discharging holes that are formed around the guide parts, inclined sides that form lateral parts of the convex parts are convex, a plurality of egg insertion holes are formed on the inclined sides by using the egg trays, and a plurality of fluid discharging holes may be further provided around the bottom part.

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