Smoking apparatus with filter and cooling

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This apparatus for the smoking of tobacco and other bulk dried material enables those persons who enjoy smoking to do so in a healthier manner. In the described appliance a water bath cools and filters the smoke before it reaches the mouth and lungs of the smoker. An array of, preferably conical, diffusion screens (210) restricts the size of particulate matter passing through the device from the combustion bowl (180) to the user. By controlling air pressures, valves (240) in series with the diffuser (210) prevent water from flowing into it thereby minimizing the pressure a user must apply to draw smoke through the appliance. This keeps solids from accumulating on or in the diffuser which facilitates cleaning. A static turbine (300) in the throat (110) of the appliance aids additional cooling while reducing the amount of suction that must be applied by a user to clear the main chamber.

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