Method for treating water by advanced oxidation and ballasted flocculation, and corresponding treatment plant

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The invention relates to a method for treating water charged with colloidal impurities, either dissolved or suspended, in a treatment plant, wherein said method comprises: the step of contacting said water, in an advanced oxidation area, with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of at least one transition-metal salt; a flocculation step that comprises contacting said water, in a flocculation area, with at least one flocculation additive and with at least one ballast comprising at least one non-soluble granular material denser than water and used as a biomass carrier; the step of feeding the water and floc mixture thus obtained into a settling area; the step of separating the treated water at the upper portion of said settling area from a mixture of sludge and ballast resulting from the settling of said flocs; the step of extracting the sludge and ballast mixture at the lower portion of said settling area; and the step of recycling at least a portion of the sludge into said advanced oxidation area.

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