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A sound and light machine (SLM) produces sound and light pulses at brain wave frequencies so as to induce a particular state of consciousness in a user, while simultaneously providing music. The SLM includes light emitting diodes (LEDs) and headphone speakers. A microcontroller runs firmware to control the LEDs and headphone speakers so as to produce a plurality of dominant brainwave frequencies. Binaural voices produce a melody of music without interfering with the brainwave frequencies. Each note of the melody is sounded at a specific pitch based on information in a Tone Object, which includes a state variable index holding the note's current position within a waveform array and a state variable step, which is an amount by which to increment the state variable index at each iteration. The index is set to 0 at startup and the step is calculated from the initial note desired.

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Cornfield Electronics, Inc.SAN FRANCISCO, CA2

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Alessi, William San Francisco, US 2 8
Altman, Mitchell A San Francisco, US 10 53

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