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All-sided mouthbrush




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An all-sided mouthbrush A device for cleaning a the mouth of a user. The all-sided mouthbrush device includes a handle including a first end having first and second sides, bristles extending from the first side, and an alternate cleaning device connected to on the second side, wherein the bristles clean teeth of the user and the alternate cleaning device cleans a the tongue and inner side of the mouth of the user. The alternate cleaning device may be in the form of one of a plurality of parallel ridges, a plurality of columns of tuft-shaped bristles, a plurality of spade headed bristles, a scouring pad-like surface or a plurality or off set rows of bristle-like structures made of soluble crystals for scraping the tongue and inner side of the mouth of the user. A plurality of The device may include templates each including a respective alternate cleaning surface and a connecting device for connecting one of the plurality of templates and a connection to the second side covering said alternate cleaning of the device may be attached to the all-sided mouthbrush . A resealable packet is provided for each of the templates and for receiving the first end of the handle when not in use for protecting the templates and handle from dirt and germs. A mouth freshening liquid is provided within the pouches for further protecting the templates and handle and provide additional freshening for the mouth of the user .

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