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Subclass Title
1/00 Apparatus for fettering animals to be slaughtered
3/00 Slaughtering or stunning (cutting in general B26)
3/02 Slaughtering or stunning (cutting in general B26) by means of bolts, e.g. slaughtering pistols, cartridges
3/04 Slaughtering or stunning (cutting in general B26) Masks for animals to be slaughtered; Masks combined with stunning arrangements
3/06 Slaughtering or stunning (cutting in general B26) Slaughtering or stunning by electric current (electric circuits therefor H05C)

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Recent Patents

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9974317 Method of deboning animal thighs for separating and collecting meat therefrom and apparatus for performing the method Jan 30, 17 May 22, 18 , Foodmate B.V.
9974316 Rib pairing device with a balanced blade holder Jul 07, 17 May 22, 18 , BIAX Maschinen GmbH
9977988 Device and method for the classification of a food item of an organic or irregular structure Apr 30, 14 May 22, 18 , CSB-SYSTEM AG
9955702 Beef splitting method and system Jul 28, 17 May 01, 18 , Jarvis Products Corporation

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Recent Publications

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Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0132,495 PRE-STUNNING OR STUNNING OF ANIMALS WITH A COMBINATION OF O2, CO2 AND NO2 Jun 02, 16 May 17, 18 , Not available
2018/0116,234 BEEF SPLITTING METHOD AND SYSTEM Jul 28, 17 May 03, 18 , Not available

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