WALKING STICKS (walking aids, e.g. sticks, for blind persons A61H 3/06; walking sticks formed as supports or tripod stands F16M 13/08); UMBRELLAS; LADIES' OR LIKE FANS (cane or umbrella stands or holders A47G 25/12)


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Subclass Title
1/00 Sticks with supporting, hanging or carrying means
1/02 Sticks with supporting, hanging or carrying means Walking sticks with rollers for carrying parcels or the like
1/04 Sticks with supporting, hanging or carrying means Walking sticks with means for hanging-up or with locks (carriers for walking sticks or umbrellas A45F 5/00)
3/00 Sticks combined with other objects
3/02 Sticks combined with other objects with illuminating devices

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Recent Patents

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9,462,860 Umbrella with an extendable cover Aug 20, 15 Oct 11, 16 , Not available
9,456,670 Devices, systems, and methods for combining mobility and reaching aids Apr 10, 15 Oct 04, 16 , Not available
9,456,671 Walking aid including bendable puck coupled between a foot and handle Jun 15, 15 Oct 04, 16 HURRYWORKS LLC, HURRYWORKS LLC
9,460,635 Obstacle avoidance using mobile devices Sep 06, 13 Oct 04, 16 AT&T MOBILITY II LLC, AT & T MOBILITY II LLC

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Recent Publications

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Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2016/0295,978 SMART CANE WITH EXTENSIONS FOR NAVIGATING STAIRS Aug 26, 15 Oct 13, 16 , Not available
2016/0287,464 CRUTCH Apr 01, 16 Oct 06, 16 , Not available
2016/0278,490 Lighted Cane With Shock Absorber Mar 24, 15 Sep 29, 16 , Not available

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