FURNISHINGS FOR WINDOWS OR DOORS (concerned with the functioning of the door or window E05; roller blinds E06B; special arrangements or measures in connection with doors or windows, e.g. for ventilation or sealing, E06B 7/00)


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1/00 Curtain suspension devices
1/02 Curtain suspension devices Curtain rods
1/022 Curtain suspension devices Curtain rods extensible
1/03 Curtain suspension devices Curtain rods pivotably mounted for rotation with doors or windows
1/04 Curtain suspension devices Curtain rails

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Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0368,270 Assembly For Mounting Shades Aug 17, 19 Dec 05, 19 , Geigtech East Bay LLC
2019/0350,399 Near Infrared Reflecting Composition and Coverings for Architectural Openings Incorporating Same Aug 05, 19 Nov 21, 19 , 3G MERMET CORPORATION
2019/0343,318 CURTAIN CONTROLLER ASSEMBLY STRUCTURE May 14, 18 Nov 14, 19 , Not available
2019/0343,319 Automatic Curtain Cutting Machine May 10, 18 Nov 14, 19 , Not available

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