B05C 3/132






Subclass 3/132: Apparatus in which the work is brought into contact with a bulk quantity of liquid or other fluent material (B05C 19/00 takes precedence) the work being immersed in the liquid or other fluent material for treating work of indefinite length supported on conveying means

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10478853 Web lifter/stabilizer and methodJun 04, 12Nov 19, 19Durr MEGTEC, LLC
10220407 Apparatus for processing yarnsMar 13, 17Mar 05, 19Not available
10183309 Method and apparatus for impregnating a continuous fiber reinforcementApr 01, 15Jan 22, 19The Boeing Company
10112836 Continuous nanosynthesis apparatus and processNov 26, 13Oct 30, 18The Regents of the University of Michigan
10081034 Apparatus for manufacturing long fiber reinforced composite materialJan 03, 17Sep 25, 18LOTTE CHEMICAL CORPORATION
9962726 Dipping bathMay 27, 14May 08, 18LG Chem Ltd.
9908142 Web lifter/stabilizer and methodDec 11, 15Mar 06, 18BABCOCK & WILCOX MEGTEC, LLC
9702034 Roll for molten metal plating bath and method for manufacturing the sameMar 12, 12Jul 11, 17HITACHI METALS, LTD., NISSHIN STEEL CO., LTD.,
9376739 Device for applying a coating to an extended articleMar 23, 12Jun 28, 16Not available
9127339 Dual-purpose facility of continuous hot-dip coating and continuous annealingDec 05, 13Sep 08, 15NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION
8910589 High-speed wire coating device and methodMay 27, 09Dec 16, 14COMPAGNIE GENERALE DES ETABLISSEMENTS MICHELIN, MICHELIN RECHERCHE ET TECHNIQUE S.A.,
8656858 Device and method for chemically and electrolytically treating work pieces using a conveyor system to transport work pieces between treatment tanksJun 30, 05Feb 25, 14ATOTECH DEUTSCHLAND GMBH
8245660 Dip coating apparatus with height adjustable coating tubes and method of coatingSep 13, 07Aug 21, 12OAKRIVER TECHNOLOGY INC.
6289841 Method and apparatus for controlled placement of a polymer composition into a webNov 30, 97Sep 18, 01Nextec Applications, Inc.
5376178 Coating apparatusJul 23, 92Dec 27, 94SONY CORPORATION

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0374,970 ENAMEL-COATING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FIN TUBEDec 22, 17Dec 12, 19Not available

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