FORGING; HAMMERING; PRESSING; RIVETING; FORGE FURNACES (rolling of metal B21B; making particular products by forging or pressing B21K; cladding or plating B23K; finishing surfaces by hammering B23P 9/04; compacting surfaces by blasting with particulate material B24C 1/10; general features of presses, presses for consolidating scrap B30B; furnaces in general


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Subclass Title
1/00 Preparing metal stock
1/02 Preparing metal stock Preliminary treatment of metal stock without particular shaping, e.g. salvaging segregated zones, forging or pressing in the rough (modifying the physical properties by deformation C21D 7/00, C22F 1/00)
1/04 Preparing metal stock Shaping in the rough solely by forging or pressing
1/06 Preparing metal stock Heating or cooling methods or arrangements specially adapted for performing forging or pressing operations
3/00 Lubricating during forging or pressing (lubricating in general F16N)

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