CASTING OF METALS; CASTING OF OTHER SUBSTANCES BY THE SAME PROCESSES OR DEVICES (shaping of plastics or substances in a plastic state B29C; metallurgical processing, selection of substances to be added to metal C21, C22)


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1/00 Treatment of fused masses in the ladle or the supply runners before casting (features relating to gas injection, provided on closures of the sliding-gate type B22D 41/42, provided on pouring-nozzles B22D 41/58)
2/00 Arrangement of indicating or measuring devices, e.g. for temperature or viscosity of the fused mass
3/00 Pig or like casting (equipment for conveying molten metal B22D 35/00)
3/02 Pig or like casting (equipment for conveying molten metal B22D 35/00) Moulding of beds
5/00 Machines or plants for pig or like casting

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