COMPOUNDS OF THE METALS BERYLLIUM, MAGNESIUM, ALUMINIUM, CALCIUM, STRONTIUM, BARIUM, RADIUM, THORIUM, OR OF THE RARE-EARTH METALS (metal hydrides C01B 6/00; salts of oxyacids of halogens C01B 11/00; peroxides, salts of peroxyacids C01B 15/00; sulfides or polysulfides of magnesium, calcium, strontium, or barium C01B 17/42; thiosulfates, dithionites, polythionates C01B 17/64; compounds containing selenium or tellurium C01B 19/00; binary compounds of nitrogen with metals C01B 21/06; azides C01B 21/08; metal amides C01B 21/092; nitrites C01B 21/50; phosphides C01B 25/08; salts of oxyacids of phosphorus C01B 25/16; carbides C01B 31/30; compounds containing silicon C01B 33/00; compounds containing boron C01B 35/00; compounds having molecular sieve properties but not having base-exchange properties C01B 37/00; compounds having molecular sieve and base-exchange properties, e.g. crystalline zeolites, C01B 39/00; cyanides C01C 3/08; salts of cyanic acid C01C 3/14; salts of cyanamide C01C 3/16; thiocyanates C01C 3/20)


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Subclass Title
1/00 Methods of preparing compounds of the metals beryllium, magnesium, aluminium, calcium, strontium, barium, radium, thorium, or the rare earths, in general
3/00 Compounds of beryllium
3/02 Compounds of beryllium Oxides; Hydroxides
5/00 Compounds of magnesium
5/02 Compounds of magnesium Magnesia

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