SHAFTS; TUNNELS; GALLERIES; LARGE UNDERGROUND CHAMBERS (soil-conditioning or soil-stabilising materials C09K 17/00; cutting machines for mining or quarrying E21C; safety devices, transport, rescue, ventilation or drainage E21F)


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Subclass Title
1/00 Sinking shafts
1/02 Sinking shafts by hand
1/03 Sinking shafts mechanically (E21D 1/08 takes precedence)
1/04 Sinking shafts mechanically (E21D 1/08 takes precedence) with grabs
1/06 Sinking shafts mechanically (E21D 1/08 takes precedence) with shaft-boring cutters (drilling machines E21B)

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Recent Patents

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9,194,231 Mesh handling apparatus and related methods Aug 19, 13 Nov 24, 15 , J.H. FLETCHER & CO.
9,186,697 Methods for applying polymer-modified wet concrete mixtures Oct 23, 09 Nov 17, 15 WACKER CHEMIE AG, WACKER CHEMIE AG
9,187,873 Screen-handling system and method of installing screening on a rock face Apr 02, 13 Nov 17, 15 1311854 ONTARIO LIMITED, 1311854 ONTARIO LIMITED
9,181,800 Device for monitoring the state of rotation of a disk cutter arrangement of a shield tunnel boring machine and disk cutter arrangement for a shield tunnel boring machine Sep 14, 12 Nov 10, 15 HERRENKNECHT AG, HERRENKNECHT AG
9,181,801 Pumpable crib Apr 23, 12 Nov 10, 15 FCI HOLDINGS DELAWARE, INC., FCI HOLDINGS DELAWARE, INC.
9,175,561 Resin injection apparatus for drilling apparatus for installing a ground anchor Jun 12, 12 Nov 03, 15 FCI HOLDINGS DELAWARE, INC., Not available

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Recent Publications

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Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2015/0337,659 Connection Means with Shape Memory Dec 19, 13 Nov 26, 15 , Not available
2015/0322,785 ROCK ANCHOR BOLT Dec 04, 13 Nov 12, 15 SUOMEN METALLITYO OY,
2015/0322,786 Expandable Bolt With Thrust Element Dec 04, 12 Nov 12, 15 FCI HOLDINGS DELAWARE, INC.,

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