MEASURING LINEAR OR ANGULAR SPEED, ACCELERATION, DECELERATION, OR SHOCK; INDICATING PRESENCE, ABSENCE, OR DIRECTION, OF MOVEMENT (measuring or recording blood flow A61B 5/02, A61B 8/06; monitoring speed or deceleration of electrically-propelled vehicles B60L 3/00; vehicle lighting systems adapted to indicate speed B60Q 1/54; determining position or course in navigation, measuring ground distance in geodesy or surveying G01C; combined measuring devices for measuring two or more variables of movement G01C 23/00; measuring velocity of sound G01H; measuring velocity of light G01J 7/00; determining direction or velocity of solid objects by reflection or reradiation of radio or other waves and based on propagation effects, e.g. Doppler effect, propagation time, direction of propagation, G01S; measuring speed of nuclear radiation G01T; measuring acceleration of gravity G01V)


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Subclass Title
1/00 Details of instruments
1/02 Details of instruments Housings
1/04 Details of instruments Special adaptations of driving means
1/07 Details of instruments Indicating devices, e.g. for remote indication
1/08 Details of instruments Indicating devices, e.g. for remote indication Arrangements of scales, pointers, lamps, or acoustic indicators, e.g. in automobile speedometers

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