MECHANICALLY-DRIVEN CLOCKS OR WATCHES; MECHANICAL PARTS OF CLOCKS OR WATCHES IN GENERAL; TIME-PIECES USING THE POSITION OF THE SUN, MOON, OR STARS (spring- or weight-driven mechanisms in general F03G; electromechanical clocks or watches G04C; electromechanical clocks with attached or built-in means operating any device at preselected times or after predetermined time intervals G04C 23/00; clocks or watches with stop devices G04F 7/08; structural details or housings specially adapted for electronic time-pieces with no moving parts G04G 17/00)


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Subclass Title
1/00 Driving mechanisms
1/02 Driving mechanisms with driving weight
1/04 Driving mechanisms with driving weight Mechanisms in which the clockwork acts as the driving weight
1/06 Driving mechanisms with driving weight with several weights
1/08 Driving mechanisms with driving weight Driving weights; Chains; Chain wheels; Arbors for chain wheels

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