DIGITAL COMPUTERS IN WHICH ALL THE COMPUTATION IS EFFECTED MECHANICALLY (score computers for card games A63F 1/18; construction of keys, printing mechanisms, or other parts of general application to the typewriting or printing art B41; keys or printing mechanisms for special applications, see the relevant subclass, e.g. G05G, G06K; cash registers G07G 1/00)


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Subclass Title
1/00 Computing aids in which the computing members form at least part of the displayed result and are manipulated directly by hand, e.g. abacus, pocket adding device
3/00 Arrangements for table look-up, e.g. menstruation table
5/00 Non-functional elements
5/02 Non-functional elements Housings; Frameworks
7/00 Input mechanisms (pin carriage G06C 13/02)

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