MODULATION (measuring, testing G01R; masers, lasers H01S; modulators specially adapted for use in dc amplifiers H03F 3/38; modulating pulses H03K 7/00; so-called modulators capable only of switching between predetermined states of amplitude, frequency or phase H03K 17/00, H04L; coding, decoding or code conversion, in general H03M; synchronous modulators specially adapted for colour television H04N 9/65)


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1/00 Amplitude modulation (H03C 5/00, H03C 7/00 take precedence)
1/02 Amplitude modulation (H03C 5/00, H03C 7/00 take precedence) Details
1/04 Amplitude modulation (H03C 5/00, H03C 7/00 take precedence) Details Means in, or combined with, modulating stage for reducing angle modulation
1/06 Amplitude modulation (H03C 5/00, H03C 7/00 take precedence) Details Modifications of modulator to reduce distortion, e.g. by feedback, and clearly applicable to more than one type of modulator
1/08 Amplitude modulation (H03C 5/00, H03C 7/00 take precedence) by means of variable impedance element (H03C 1/28-H03C 1/34, H03C 1/46-H03C 1/52, H03C 1/62 take precedence)

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9819356 Injection locked ring oscillator based digital-to-time converter and method for providing a filtered interpolated phase signal Dec 15, 14 Nov 14, 17 , Intel IP Corporation
9812906 Communications for wireless power transfer Mar 31, 16 Nov 07, 17 UBEAM INC., uBeam Inc.
9813115 RF system using PR-ASK with orthogonal offset Dec 04, 14 Nov 07, 17 CLAIRVOYANT TECHNOLOGY LLC, CLAIRVOYANT TECHNOLOGY LLC
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9813269 Wireless transceiver having a phased array antenna panel for transmitting circularly-polarized signals with modulated angular speed Oct 13, 16 Nov 07, 17 Movandi Corporation, Movandi Corporation
9800203 Apparatus and method for generating an oscillator signal Aug 22, 16 Oct 24, 17 INTEL IP CORPORATION, Intel IP Corporation

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