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Subclass 3/025: Cutting implements specially adapted for horticultural purposes; Delimbing standing trees (felling trees A01G 23/08; mowers having rotating flexible line cutters A01D 34/416; special adaptation of mowers for carrying by the operator A01D 34/9; hand-held cutting tools suitable for other use B26B) Secateurs; Flower or fruit shears having elongated or extended handles

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10525607 Cutting toolOct 02, 18Jan 07, 20Not available
10420286 Method for manufacturing blade beds of a garden shearJan 18, 19Sep 24, 19Green Guard Industry Ltd.
10412899 Loppers with detachable saw and prunerNov 30, 17Sep 17, 19Not available
10398088 Pruning shears with frusto-conical wheelJun 02, 17Sep 03, 19Fiskars Finland Oy Ab
10368495 Tree prunerFeb 22, 18Aug 06, 19Green Guard Industry Ltd.
10321635 Cutting tool with a variable pivot systemApr 18, 17Jun 18, 19Fiskars Finland Oy Ab
10259114 Handle assembly system for a hand toolJun 30, 16Apr 16, 19Deville SA
10226266 Selectively bendable remote gripping toolFeb 13, 17Mar 12, 19Not available
10212891 Gardening shearFeb 13, 18Feb 26, 19Jiin Haur Industrial Co., Ltd.
10201131 Foldable gardening shearSep 07, 17Feb 12, 19Ho Cheng Garden Tools Co., Ltd.
10179417 Cutting toolOct 21, 14Jan 15, 19TOHO KOKI CO., LTD.
10136583 Geared hand toolMay 23, 16Nov 27, 18Fiskars Brands, Inc.
10091946 Pruning shearsSep 26, 16Oct 09, 18Fiskars Finland Oy Ab
9936633 Stalk cutter device and method of useJan 05, 16Apr 10, 18Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas
9918435 Tree shear capable of reducing opening degree of handles thereofSep 24, 15Mar 20, 18Not available
9901245 Selectively bendable remote gripping toolAug 10, 15Feb 27, 18Not available
9820444 LopperJul 30, 15Nov 21, 17MTD PRODUCTS INC
9736990 Gardening shears with improved shearing efficiencyFeb 03, 16Aug 22, 17Not available
9655305 Cutting tool with a variable pivot systemApr 18, 16May 23, 17FISKARS BRANDS, INC.
9603310 Lopping shears with offset bladeSep 26, 14Mar 28, 17Not available

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0230,866 CUTTING TOOL WITH A VARIABLE PIVOT SYSTEMApr 11, 19Aug 01, 19Fiskars Finland Oy Ab
2019/0082,607 GEARED HAND TOOLNov 21, 18Mar 21, 19Fiskars Finland Oy Ab
2019/0069,494 FOLDABLE GARDENING SHEARSep 07, 17Mar 07, 19Ho Cheng Garden Tools Co., Ltd.
2017/0245,439 ROLLER BEARING PRUNERFeb 23, 17Aug 31, 17Barnel International, Inc.
2017/0118,921 TREE PRUNEROct 28, 15May 04, 17Not available
2017/0055,458 LANDSCAPING TOOLAug 29, 16Mar 02, 17Not available

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