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Subclass 3/06: Cutting implements specially adapted for horticultural purposes; Delimbing standing trees (felling trees A01G 23/08; mowers having rotating flexible line cutters A01D 34/416; special adaptation of mowers for carrying by the operator A01D 34/9; hand-held cutting tools suitable for other use B26B) Hand-held edge trimmers or shears for lawns (mowers combined with lawn edgers A01D 43/16)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10575472 Blade assembly for cutting rootsDec 18, 17Mar 03, 20Not available
10548252 Apparatus configured to act as both an edger and a sod cutterNov 05, 18Feb 04, 20Not available
10517214 Plant sawing assemblyNov 15, 17Dec 31, 19Not available
10469018 Power modulating motor control methodMay 01, 18Nov 05, 19Blount Inc.
10412899 Loppers with detachable saw and prunerNov 30, 17Sep 17, 19Not available
10375883 Horizontal rotary trimmer with vented baffleJun 27, 17Aug 13, 19HRM Enterprises, Inc.
10368494 Angled edging toolAug 29, 17Aug 06, 19Not available
10371044 Work apparatus having a braking arrangementJun 28, 13Aug 06, 19ANDREAS STIHL AG & CO. KG
10271482 Protective sheath for cutting blade assembyJul 21, 17Apr 30, 19Echo Incorporated
10244686 Landscaping tool for edging and gradingSep 11, 17Apr 02, 19Not available
10149440 Edging tools for work machinesJan 21, 16Dec 11, 18ABI ATTACHMENTS, INC.
10136584 Dual reciprocating blade landscape saw with enhanced durability and performanceApr 26, 17Nov 27, 18Not available
10117372 Apparatus configured to act as both an edger and a sod cutterApr 18, 16Nov 06, 18Not available
10064329 Trimmer head with anti-fouling mechanismMar 21, 12Sep 04, 18Not available
9955627 Electric working machineFeb 15, 13May 01, 18Hitachi Koki Co Ltd.
9844189 Blade for cutting rootsOct 12, 15Dec 19, 17Not available
9717185 Vegetation pruning deviceJul 13, 04Aug 01, 17BLACK & DECKER INC.
9605406 Forward advancing landscape edging apparatusAug 28, 14Mar 28, 17Not available
9555537 Portable toolOct 31, 13Jan 31, 17HITACHI KOKI CO., LTD.
9468151 Lawn maintenance deviceMay 29, 14Oct 18, 16Not available

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0357,435 Hand-Held Horizontal Rotary Trimmer with Vented BaffleAug 12, 19Nov 28, 19Not available
2019/0216,019 Lawn sprinkler trimmerMar 28, 19Jul 18, 19Not available
2018/0317,396 BATTERY POWERED HANDHELD OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENTMay 04, 18Nov 08, 18Briggs & Stratton Corporation
2018/0220,588 Tapered to a Point Bladed Manual Lawn EdgerFeb 26, 18Aug 09, 18Not available

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