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Subclass 5/06: Floral handling Devices for preserving flowers (chemical substances A01N 3/02; flower vases A47G 7/06)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10532875 Pressurization apparatus for use with organic leafy materialsDec 12, 17Jan 14, 20Banana Bros. LLC
10427836 Combination shipping and display packageJun 19, 17Oct 01, 19Not available
10398089 Floral packaging method and apparatusNov 18, 16Sep 03, 19NICOMODO CO.
10342223 Mollusk with coated shellFeb 11, 14Jul 09, 19GLOFISH LLC
10327389 Hanging drying rackApr 13, 18Jun 25, 19Not available
10098365 Freshness retaining agent, method for manufacturing the same, gas purification device, and gas purification systemDec 10, 14Oct 16, 18TANKA CO., LTD.
9936648 Packing element particularly for cut flowers and potted plantsMay 30, 16Apr 10, 18WEBER VERPACKUNGEN GMBH @ CO. KG
9596811 Device and method for hydrating flowersMay 18, 15Mar 21, 17ECO FRESH BOUQUET, INC.
9592954 Package comprising feeding materials for cut flowersJun 01, 07Mar 14, 17CHRYSAL INTERNATIONAL BV
9485918 Treatment system to prolong life of cut flowersMay 13, 11Nov 08, 16NOVIPAX INC.
9179606 Floral assemblyNov 27, 13Nov 10, 15Jolly Blossoms LLC
9084397 Environmental conditoning system for cut flowers and other floraApr 27, 13Jul 21, 15Not available
8722134 Post-harvest treatment of fruits with an antifungal compositionDec 06, 07May 13, 14DSM IP ASSETS B.V.
8361542 Apparatus and methods for treating mulch in situNov 05, 09Jan 29, 13Not available
8312670 Horticultural applicator deviceDec 08, 05Nov 20, 12Not available
8250805 Plant preservation systemsApr 24, 07Aug 28, 12Jaiswal, Sudhir K.
8215057 Calyx support for stemmed flowersJul 18, 11Jul 10, 12Not available
7980026 Calyx support for stemmed flowersOct 09, 09Jul 19, 11Rosenberg, Paul H.
7774978 Method of controlling the release of agricultural active ingredients from treated plant seedsAug 01, 07Aug 17, 10STEPAN COMPANY
6652685 Method for an intaglio pressed botanic ornamentOct 31, 01Nov 25, 03Not available

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0343,053 FLORAL PACKAGING METHOD AND APPARATUSJul 22, 19Nov 14, 19Not available
2019/0183,058 INSULATED FLOWER VESSEL DEVICE AND METHODDec 11, 18Jun 20, 19Not available
2019/0037,776 BINDING WRAP AND METHOD FOR HYDRATING CUT FLOWERSAug 01, 18Feb 07, 19Chrysal International B.V.
2018/0295,784 GELS AND DEVICES FOR PRESERVATION OF CUT FLOWERSDec 27, 17Oct 18, 18Not available
2017/0367,272 Flower Delivery Apparatus and MethodJun 27, 17Dec 28, 17Not available

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