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Subclass 1/02: Shoes for horses or other solipeds fastened with nails (A01L 3/00 takes precedence) Solid horseshoes consisting of one part

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10561134 Hoof tap deviceOct 31, 16Feb 18, 20Not available
9179661 Horseshoe with splaying, and stabilizer featureAug 08, 14Nov 10, 15Not available
9107398 Metal alloys composed principally of copper and horseshoes made with said alloysJun 06, 11Aug 18, 15COMERCIALIZADORA KRAVIVA S.P.A.
8881838 Horseshoe with splaying feature and flexibilityFeb 04, 12Nov 11, 14Not available
7624811 Horseshoe crease structure for improved traction and locking attachment nailsJan 26, 07Dec 01, 09MUSTAD HOOFCARE SA
6823946 Horse-shoe type, plate-shaped, plastic hoof fittingFeb 05, 03Nov 30, 04CERA HANDELSGESELLSCHAFT MBH
6082462 Horseshoe imparting natural conformance and function providing adjustable shape and attenuation of shock and vibrationMar 20, 98Jul 04, 00LYDEN, ROBERT M
5848648 Titanium horseshoesJan 18, 96Dec 15, 98Not available

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2017/0202,198 THERAPEUTIC HORSESHOEJan 14, 16Jul 20, 17Not available
2017/0027,148 Horseshoe and Fastening Mechanism, and Method of Use ThereofApr 14, 15Feb 02, 17PLASTIC HORESHOES PTY LTD, PLASTIC HORSESHOES PTY LTD,

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