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Subclass 1/02: Mixing or kneading machines for the preparation of dough (domestic mixing or kneading machines A47J 43/00, A47J 44/00) with vertically-mounted tools; Machines for whipping or beating

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10568331 Auxiliary material accommodating container and automatic bread making machineApr 05, 17Feb 25, 20Zojirushi Corporation
10426173 Automatic bread maker and ingredient box for the sameAug 29, 16Oct 01, 19TSANN KUEN (ZHANGZHOU) ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.
10426174 Automatic bread maker, ingredient box and bread making methodAug 29, 16Oct 01, 19TSANN KUEN (ZHANGZHOU) ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.
10118139 Device for mixing powder and at least one other type of phaseJun 28, 13Nov 06, 18Not available
10111442 Dough mixerNov 22, 16Oct 30, 18Housoen Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd.
10098356 Household noodle makerSep 28, 15Oct 16, 18JOYOUNG COMPANY LIMITED
10004238 Kneading device for post-working of a productNov 07, 14Jun 26, 18SANSO FORVALTNING AB
9961907 Blade member for mulling apparatuses and mulling apparatusJun 02, 16May 08, 18Zojirushi Corporation
9883677 Dough kneading machineMay 13, 16Feb 06, 18HOUSOEN ELECTRIC MANUFACTURE CO., LTD.
9854813 Rotor for alimentary dough kneader machinesDec 30, 13Jan 02, 18ARTECH S.R.L.
9848608 Method for an adaptive kneading technology for a food preparation applianceDec 10, 15Dec 26, 17Zimplistic Pte. Ltd.
9814245 Mixing apparatusJun 19, 13Nov 14, 17HAAS FOOD EQUIPMENT GMBH
9737079 Kneading dough hook assembly and kneading dough machine containing the sameMay 07, 15Aug 22, 17SHENZHEN MUREN APPLIANCE CO., LTD
9668486 Dough kneader machine and related method of making an alimentary doughSep 20, 12Jun 06, 17ARTECH S.R.L.
9623386 Mixing apparatus for powder raw material and liquid raw material and method for manufacturing mixture using sameJun 21, 13Apr 18, 17TOHKAI-GIKEN CO., LTD.
9456615 Apparatus, system and method for an adaptive kneading technology for a food preparation applianceJan 23, 15Oct 04, 16Zimplistic Pte. Ltd.
9420801 Food kneading appliance with a dough hook and dough mixerMay 21, 13Aug 23, 16HUIYANG ALLAN PLASTIC & ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LIMITED
9295264 Dough preparing machine with dough dividing in bowlJan 04, 13Mar 29, 16ANDERSON GROUP, LTD.
9113753 Kneading device for kneading ingredients into dough and a kneading toolJun 08, 09Aug 25, 15KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS N.V., KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N V,
9028131 Method and apparatus for high intensity ultrasonic treatment of baking materialsOct 05, 11May 12, 15UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA

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