A41F 1/04






Subclass 1/04: Fastening devices specially adapted for garments (fastening devices in general A44B) Corset fasteners

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10264835 Tightening system for an orthopedic articleJan 09, 15Apr 23, 19Ossur hf
9901127 Quick release fastening systemJan 29, 15Feb 27, 18POINT BLANK ENTERPRISES, INC.
9854874 Adjustable device with hook structureJul 08, 15Jan 02, 18Not available
9730492 Dually adjustable, anchored, parallel lacing technologyOct 21, 16Aug 15, 17Not available
9027571 Tool for separating a hair bundleNov 22, 13May 12, 15NOXELL CORPORATION
8939925 Tightening system for an orthopedic articleFeb 10, 12Jan 27, 15Össur hf.
8661711 Boot with bootlace clampingDec 03, 10Mar 04, 14“LOWA” Sportschuhe GmbH, LOWA" SPORTSCHUHE GMBH,85305 JETZENDORF,,DE LOWATERS NURSERY,Lowaters Nursery,SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE,,GB LOW BENG HUAT,"LOW, BENG HUAT,
8616222 Tool for separating a hair bundleMar 13, 08Dec 31, 13NOXELL CORPORATION
7931025 Patient interface and headgear connectorJun 08, 06Apr 26, 11RIC INVESTMENTS, LLC.
5162015 Backless bust-supporting undergarmentSep 25, 91Nov 10, 92WARNACO U.S., INC.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0231,011 CorsetNov 15, 18Aug 01, 19Not available
2018/0140,031 Fastener for Clothing or LingerieApr 28, 16May 24, 18Dubrosky & Tracy Patent Service Corp.

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