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Subclass 1/08: Fastening devices specially adapted for garments (fastening devices in general A44B) Garter fasteners

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
9339408 Clasp for securing flexible bandsOct 19, 12May 17, 16ENDUR ID, INC
9266205 Piping sliderJun 24, 10Feb 23, 16YKK CORPORATION
9027571 Tool for separating a hair bundleNov 22, 13May 12, 15NOXELL CORPORATION
8875940 Prophylactic kit apparatusAug 09, 11Nov 04, 14MEDLINE INDUSTRIES, INC.
8616222 Tool for separating a hair bundleMar 13, 08Dec 31, 13NOXELL CORPORATION
8527221 Method and an apparatus for monitoring an activity of partial electrical discharges in an electrical apparatus powered with direct voltageJan 29, 08Sep 03, 13TECHIMP HQ S.R.L.
8341798 Expandable supports for paint roller coversNov 30, 09Jan 01, 13The Wooster Brush Company
8236080 Ratchet clipDec 15, 08Aug 07, 12MANN+HUMMEL GMBH
8177736 Device and method for monitoring access to a patient, in particular access to vessels during extracorporeal blood treatmentDec 08, 06May 15, 12FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE DEUTSCHLAND GMBH
8109279 Hair clip with flexing comfort featuresApr 30, 09Feb 07, 12GOODY PRODUCTS, INC.
7963289 Hair accessory to achieve a fuller ponytailMay 14, 08Jun 21, 11Not available
7922207 Activation and deactivation mechanisms for media bindersSep 18, 06Apr 12, 11HEWLETT-PACKARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, L.P.
7861981 Protective saddle mount for cable tieOct 22, 08Jan 04, 11PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA CORP.
7823927 Media binder systems with datum stops for registering physical media sheetsJun 05, 07Nov 02, 10HEWLETT-PACKARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, L.P.
7798736 Media binder arrangementsJul 21, 06Sep 21, 10HEWLETT-PACKARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, L.P.

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