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Subclass 1/04: Sticks with supporting, hanging or carrying means Walking sticks with means for hanging-up or with locks (carriers for walking sticks or umbrellas A45F 5/00)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10986903 Walking stickApr 15, 19Apr 27, 21Not available
10724681 Rest system utilizing trekking polesJun 17, 16Jul 28, 20Spartan Precision Equipment Ltd.
10661959 Device and display package assemblySep 11, 18May 26, 20Medline Industries, Inc.
10264860 Attachment device for quick connect of trekking, shooting and weight assist equipmentMay 10, 18Apr 23, 19Not available
10092067 Walking stickOct 15, 15Oct 09, 18Michael Graves Design Group Inc.
9961973 Walking cane clamp and base for use with walkers and rollatorsAug 18, 16May 08, 18Medical Depot Inc.
9737120 Mobility deviceJan 05, 16Aug 22, 17Not available
9700109 Mobility deviceJan 05, 16Jul 11, 17Not available
9596912 T-handle folding cane with unobtrusive table clampSep 21, 15Mar 21, 17Not available
8985130 Magnetically assisted coupling for segmented shaftMar 12, 13Mar 24, 15EdgeWater International, Inc.
6035099 Apparatus having heating chamber enclosure with height-adjustable hair setting roller holder membersDec 15, 97Mar 07, 00Madison Star, LLC

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