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Subclass 3/12: Sticks combined with other objects with telescopes

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10455909 Pole shaft deviceMar 24, 16Oct 29, 19Not available
9480314 Length-adjustable tube, in particular for sticksJun 19, 13Nov 01, 16LEKISPORT AG
9192213 Adjustable cane with memory functionJul 10, 13Nov 24, 15FOOTWEAR & RECREATION TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, LIN, CHING-MING,
8985802 Illuminated caneMar 23, 12Mar 24, 15Not available
8875724 Mechanism for adjusting a telescoping memberDec 02, 12Nov 04, 14Not available
8776810 Stick with cam lever type locking deviceMay 21, 12Jul 15, 14Lah, Jeh-Kun
8499776 StickJul 26, 10Aug 06, 13NCC CO., LTD.
8006711 Trekking pole clamp and methodsJan 05, 09Aug 30, 11THE TRUSTEES OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK, Easton Technical Products, Inc.,
6782903 Telescoping stickSep 03, 02Aug 31, 04ROBERT W. JARMAN TRUSTEE OF THE 2011 ROBER W. JARMAN REVOCABLE

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