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Subclass 3/46: Travelling or camp articles (travelling rugs A47G 9/06); Sacks or packs carried on the body (convertible into other articles A45F 4/00) Picnic sets (lunch or picnic boxes A45C 11/2)

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10582747 Multiple temperature storage assemblyOct 03, 18Mar 10, 20Not available
10441061 Multifunctional picnic boxAug 18, 16Oct 15, 19SUZHOU SKY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
10426241 Insulated soft-body coolerDec 21, 17Oct 01, 19Not available
10149524 Lunch bag for meals with support for an entertainment gadgetOct 31, 14Dec 11, 18Not available
10092074 Multipurpose storage device and methodSep 30, 16Oct 09, 18MIEH, Inc.
RE47064 Tubular portable food storage for transporting perishable itemsFeb 24, 17Oct 02, 18Not available
10010162 Portable beverage service deviceMar 14, 17Jul 03, 18Bar2Go LLC
9901153 Insulated soft-body coolerFeb 23, 16Feb 27, 18Not available
9770087 Adjustable stand for barbeque grills and other camping gearAug 27, 16Sep 26, 17Not available
9625161 Portable modular travel bagMar 17, 16Apr 18, 17Not available
9480324 Apparatus having rigid thermally-insulated container, table assembly and collapsible thermally-insulated containerSep 02, 14Nov 01, 16Not available
9403613 Beverage containerDec 26, 14Aug 02, 16Not available
9402374 Container for holding and dispensing solid or liquid refreshment, and related systems and methodsOct 09, 12Aug 02, 16RUSSI USA INC.
9357829 Beach cup and accessory holderJul 12, 14Jun 07, 16Not available
9289041 Portable modular cooking enabled travel bagOct 21, 13Mar 22, 16Not available
9131763 Container for tablewareDec 14, 05Sep 15, 15Not available
9060581 Picnic organizer package bagging systemDec 06, 13Jun 23, 15LIFETIME BRANDS, INC.
9032949 Removable basket assembly for outdoor grillMay 04, 11May 19, 15VIKING RANGE, LLC
8844756 Portable consumables organizerSep 30, 12Sep 30, 146 Pack Fitness, LLC
8820522 Apparatus and kit for containing sports equipmentDec 13, 11Sep 02, 14Not available

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0387,867 Multi-storage Carrying CaseJun 20, 19Dec 26, 19Not available

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