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Subclass 1/04: Bristles; Selection of materials for bristles (making artificial bristles D01D, D01F) Preparing bristles

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10492597 Tuft picker for a tuft-picking device of a brush-making machineAug 24, 16Dec 03, 19The Procter & Gamble Company
10458889 Detecting machine for a yield rate of bristles of a toothbrush and detecting method for bristles of a toothbrushFeb 22, 18Oct 29, 19Acumen Co., Ltd.
10413049 Makeup brush for cosmetic application with a concave profileDec 02, 16Sep 17, 19Royal Brush Manufacturing, Inc.
10398219 Method and apparatus for manufacturing individual brush unit of rotary toothbrushJul 08, 15Sep 03, 19KURUN CO., LTD.
10362858 Method of manufacturing a brush and brushAug 24, 16Jul 30, 19Braun GmbH
10172446 Bristle for antibacterial cosmetic brush, and antibacterial cosmetic brush obtained using said bristle and process for producing sameOct 04, 13Jan 08, 19Not available
10149533 Tuft forming apparatusNov 15, 13Dec 11, 18CROSS MANUFACTURING COMPANY (1938) LIMITED
10098446 Dual sided cosmetics brush and methods for making sameJun 19, 15Oct 16, 18Anisa International Inc.
10051953 Method of forming a bristle stack for paint brushesOct 16, 15Aug 21, 18LG HARRIS & CO LIMITED
10004580 Toothbrush head with a portion of bristles disposed in an outward leaning angleOct 17, 14Jun 26, 18Not available
9826821 Broom and manufacturing method thereofNov 27, 12Nov 28, 17WUHAN YANGYANG YUANLV MINI-RESERVOIRS CO., LTD.
9756933 Processes for manufacturing bristled component for personal-care applicatorJun 26, 15Sep 12, 17NOXELL CORPORATION
9681735 Applicator for a cosmetic product, in particular mascara and method of producing such an applicatorMar 24, 15Jun 20, 17ALBEA SERVICES
9668565 Applicator for a cosmetic product, in particular mascara, and method of manufacturing such an applicatorMar 24, 15Jun 06, 17ALBEA SERVICES
9668569 Method of making a brush and brush obtained in this wayOct 17, 13Jun 06, 17EXTRA BRUSHES S.R.L.
9591909 Applicator for a cosmetic product, in particular mascara and method of producing such an applicatorMar 24, 15Mar 14, 17ALBEA SERVICES
9392867 Method of producing an oral hygiene implement having flexible wingsFeb 10, 15Jul 19, 16THE GILLETTE COMPANY LLC
9357831 Hygienic brush headFeb 22, 13Jun 07, 16VIKAN A/S
9340903 Process for making filament having unique tip and surface characteristicsJun 11, 14May 17, 16The Procter & Gamble Company
9279199 Method and apparatus for manufacturing cleaning memberJan 25, 13Mar 08, 16UNI-CHARM CORPORATION

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