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Subclass 1/05: Bristles; Selection of materials for bristles (making artificial bristles D01D, D01F) Preparing bristles Splitting; Pointing

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10244857 Oral care implement and filament for the sameAug 29, 16Apr 02, 19Colgate-Palmolive Company
10172444 Multifunctional miswak deviceMar 30, 17Jan 08, 19Not available
9826821 Broom and manufacturing method thereofNov 27, 12Nov 28, 17WUHAN YANGYANG YUANLV MINI-RESERVOIRS CO., LTD.
8918945 Toothbrush with needle-shaped bristles for improving tooth and gum contacting force and teeth-cleaning performance, and method for manufacturing sameJul 28, 10Dec 30, 14BEST WHASUNG CO., LTD.
8522389 Manufacturing method of needle-shaped bristles having short taper length and a toothbrush by same manufacturing methodNov 29, 06Sep 03, 13BEST WHASUNG CO., LTD.
8403425 Processing method for taper of needle-shaped bristle enhanced throughputJul 13, 12Mar 26, 13Not available
8297710 ToothbrushOct 14, 11Oct 30, 12SUNSTAR INC.
6322152 Method of making a toothbrushMay 23, 01Nov 27, 01DR. FRESH, LLC

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