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Subclass 1/00: Extensible tables (extensible shelf units A47B 46/00)

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10363879 Vehicle dashboard deskApr 22, 18Jul 30, 19Not available
10352361 Three-rows-of-ball bearings sliding railApr 28, 16Jul 16, 19WUXI HAIDAER PRECISION SLIDES CO., LTD
10315303 Modular fabrication tableFeb 02, 17Jun 11, 19Not available
10154736 Portable device for controlling electrical adjustable apparatusAug 04, 16Dec 18, 18Timotion Technology Co. Ltd.
10021976 Furniture systemNov 01, 17Jul 17, 18Not available
9993067 Length-adjustable foot support for a table and support baseJul 27, 16Jun 12, 18Fellowes Inc.
9862088 Hybrid modular fixturing platformOct 12, 15Jan 09, 18WORKSHOPS FOR WARRIORS
9801462 Laboratory table assembly systemDec 11, 14Oct 31, 17Not available
9776262 Table saw with foldable tabletop and handleOct 14, 11Oct 03, 17ROBERT BOSCH GMBH, ROBERT BOSCH TOOL CORPORATION,
9743752 Sewing machine tableApr 30, 14Aug 29, 17KESSLER POLSKA SP. Z O. O.
9743756 Piece of furniture having a convertible work surfaceSep 11, 14Aug 29, 17Not available
9664263 Movement device comprising a combined individual movement and block movement drive for a plurality of jointly guided movement unitsOct 09, 14May 30, 17HAMILTON BONADUZ AG
9629450 Retractable tableFeb 26, 16Apr 25, 17Not available
9320350 Portable surface extenderJun 22, 11Apr 26, 16Not available
9192228 Table top expanderFeb 06, 15Nov 24, 15Not available
9066840 Apparatus for caring for and carrying an animalFeb 26, 14Jun 30, 15Not available
8997661 Table top extension and method for increasing the table top surface area of an existing table topJun 10, 14Apr 07, 15GRK MANUFACTURING COMPANY
8966687 Joint assembly for connecting a long extension panel to a patient support panel of a radiation therapy table and a two-piece patient support table formed therebyMay 22, 12Mar 03, 15MEDTEC, INC.
8938828 Roll up evacuation mattressApr 19, 13Jan 27, 15Not available
8887330 Weight-stabilizing stretcherJun 28, 13Nov 18, 14Not available

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