A47C 1/022





Class  A47C : CHAIRS

Subclass 1/022: Chairs adapted for special purposes (features relating to vertical adjustability A47C 3/2; convertible chairs A47C 13/00; chairs or personal conveyances specially adapted for patients or disabled persons A61G 3/00, A61G 5/00; operating chairs, dental chairs A61G 15/00) Reclining or easy chairs (supports for parts of body A47C 7/36, A47C 7/5, A47C 7/54) having independently-adjustable supporting parts

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10588798 Method, apparatus, and system for implementing seat liftingMar 09, 17Mar 17, 20Not available
10588416 Adjustable chairJun 28, 18Mar 17, 20Not available
10512331 Ergonomic smart chair and mobility system and use thereofJun 04, 18Dec 24, 19Not available
10507856 Transport cart with reclining chairsDec 08, 17Dec 17, 19Not available
10499742 Mechanism for a chairJan 04, 18Dec 10, 19BOCK 1 GMBH & CO. KG
10299597 High-leg hidden ottoman recliner seating mechanismFeb 13, 18May 28, 19L & P PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY
10285883 Adjustable chairSep 18, 15May 14, 19Motion Concepts L.P.
10278504 Cable connector for a chair function controller and operatorFeb 24, 17May 07, 19Living Style (B.V.I.) Limited
10272282 Systems and methods for providing ergonomic chairsSep 20, 16Apr 30, 19Corecentric LLC
10258820 Systems and method for providing ergonomic exercise chairsSep 28, 16Apr 16, 19Corecentric LLC
10213352 Hand-held control for an electromotive furniture drive, method for detecting actuation of a hand-held control, and electromotive furniture driveMay 12, 14Feb 26, 19Dewertokin GmbH
10064494 Retraction and extension device for a foot and/or leg support of an item of seating and/or lounging furnitureApr 15, 14Sep 04, 18Innotec Motion GmbH
9968195 Adjustable seat and leaning apparatusOct 19, 16May 15, 18Ergo Impact, LLC
9962004 Profile ottoman linkageSep 25, 15May 08, 18L&P Property Management Company
9839296 Mechanism for an office chairJul 07, 14Dec 12, 17BOCK 1 GMBH & CO. KG
9827885 Power seat assemblyJun 12, 15Nov 28, 17FISHER & COMPANY, INCORPORATED
9782010 Cabana having an adjustable folding hoodAug 01, 16Oct 10, 17AMERICAN HOLTZKRAFT, INC.
9743772 Adjustable seating and furnitureJan 20, 15Aug 29, 17TROPITONE FURNITURE CO., INC.
9730518 Powered chairs for public venues, assemblies for use in powered chairs, and components for use in assemblies for use in powered chairsApr 24, 17Aug 15, 17Not available
9700144 Stuffed chair with one or more seats, in particular armchair or couchMar 06, 15Jul 11, 17CIAR S.P.A.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2018/0199,715 ADJUSTABLE SEAT AND LEANING APPARATUSFeb 24, 18Jul 19, 18Not available

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