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Subclass 1/06: Children's chairs (chairs generally A47C; vehicle seats for children B60N 2/26) convertible to a push chair

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10321770 Collapsible child seat and pushchair comprising such a child seatFeb 22, 16Jun 18, 19CYBEX GMBH
10053131 Basket and stroller apparatus thereofJul 27, 17Aug 21, 18Wonderland Switzerland AG
10051975 Child seat convertible to multiple configurations of useDec 19, 16Aug 21, 18Wonderland Switzerland AG
10023218 Carrier mountingNov 13, 15Jul 17, 18Silver Cross (IP) Limited
9918561 Access optimized child support deviceMar 16, 16Mar 20, 18KIDS II, INC.
9895005 Convertible child seatMay 19, 15Feb 20, 18KIDS II, INC.
9756962 Access-optimized mobile infant supportAug 06, 14Sep 12, 17KIDS II, INC.
9554657 Child seat convertible to multiple configurations of useJun 13, 14Jan 31, 17WONDERLAND NURSERYGOODS COMPANY LIMITED
8936267 Collapsible child carrier apparatusSep 04, 12Jan 20, 15WONDERLAND NURSERYGOODS COMPANY LIMITED
8790152 Ramp for a ride-on toyJan 03, 12Jul 29, 14RADIO FLYER INC.
8544941 Rolling car seatOct 17, 11Oct 01, 13Not available
5364137 Infant highchairApr 05, 93Nov 15, 94SAFE-STRAP COMPANY, INC.

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