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Subclass 1/00: Mirrors (hand, pocket, or shaving mirrors A45D 42/00; as optical elements G02B 5/08); Picture frames or the like

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10551529 Coloured mirrorMay 21, 15Feb 04, 20SAINT - GOBAIN GLASS FRANCE
10537192 Fastening device having a positionable carrying elementAug 10, 16Jan 21, 20tesa SE
10477993 Light engine for a mirrorJan 05, 18Nov 19, 19Kohler Co.
10477946 Mirror for applying eye cosmeticsMar 09, 18Nov 19, 19MYJF Enterprises, LLC
10441095 Bracket for use with wall objectsDec 19, 17Oct 15, 19UNDER THE ROOF DECORATING INC.
10423060 Smile mirrorMar 03, 16Sep 24, 19Not available
10349725 Illuminated spot mirror with retractable suction cupsMar 17, 18Jul 16, 19Not available
10327572 Detachable self-supporting display deviceJul 20, 17Jun 25, 19CONCEPT WORKSHOP WORLDWIDE, LLC
10321772 Display device and methods of useDec 23, 16Jun 18, 19TYNIES, INC.
10287781 Tile with magnetic type material and covered with a layer of parchment and process thereofFeb 18, 17May 14, 19PERGAMENA PARCHMENTS & LEATHERS, INC.
10278479 Mirror for applying eye cosmeticsJan 04, 17May 07, 19MYJF Enterprise, LLC
10207652 Parallelogram linkage automatic clamping holderApr 18, 18Feb 19, 19BENZHI (SHENZHEN) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
10175399 Mirror with image display functionMay 31, 17Jan 08, 19FUJIFILM Corporation
10126474 Mirror with image display functionMay 31, 17Nov 13, 18FUJIFILM Corporation
10043611 Seismic resistant multi-transformer cluster bracket with adjustable diagonal bracesApr 28, 16Aug 07, 18INWESCO INCORPORATED
10034562 Art frame support systemMay 03, 16Jul 31, 18Not available
9879818 Bracket assemblies and methods of assemblingJan 12, 15Jan 30, 18HUBBELL INCORPORATED
9730533 Apparatus and method for displaying itemsFeb 12, 15Aug 15, 17ELIZABETH ANN'S, LLC
9664374 Illuminated mirror device and method for controlling illumination thereofJun 01, 12May 30, 17PIONEER CORPORATION
9665123 Electronic device and rotating base driving methodSep 14, 12May 30, 17COMPAL ELECTRONICS, INC.

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2017/0265,658 Fastener for Mounting a Frame onto a Previously Installed MirrorMar 21, 17Sep 21, 17Not available

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