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Subclass 1/04: Suction or pumping devices for medical purposes; Devices for carrying-off, for treatment of, or for carrying-over, body-liquids; Drainage systems (catheters A61M 25/00 ; tube connectors, tube couplings, valves or branch units, specially adapted for medical use A61M 39/00 ; devices for taking samples of blood A61B 5/15 ;  saliva removers for dentists A61C 17/06 ; filters implantable into blood vessels A61F 2/01 ) Pneumothorax apparatus

Recent Patents

Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10556047 Heart help device, system, and methodMar 22, 18Feb 11, 20Not available
10383988 Occlusive chest wound seal with a one-way vent for preventing and treating tension pneumothoraxMay 05, 15Aug 20, 19Beacon Medical, LLC
10335524 monitorJan 07, 15Jul 02, 19Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
10314952 Method and device for simultaneously documenting and treating tension pneumothorax and/or hemothoraxMar 03, 17Jun 11, 19Critical Innovations, LLC
10213532 Portable hand pump for evacuation of fluidsMar 05, 18Feb 26, 19The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc.
10124094 Adaptive algorithm for thoracic drainage therapyMay 24, 12Nov 13, 18Medela Holding AG
10046147 Percutaneous access pathway system and methodDec 23, 14Aug 14, 18Critical Innovations, LLC
9907887 Portable hand pump for evacuation of fluidsJul 14, 16Mar 06, 18THE HENRY M. JACKSON FOUNDATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MILITARY MEDICINE, INC.
9730838 Apparatus and methods for controlling tissue oxygenation for wound healing and promoting tissue viabilityApr 23, 09Aug 15, 17ELECTROCHEMICAL OXYGEN CONCEPTS, INC.
9616203 Method and device for simultaneously documenting and treating tension pneumothorax and/or hemothoraxAug 07, 13Apr 11, 17CRITICAL INNOVATIONS, LLC
9295766 Kit for low profile thoracic wound seal with laterally-directed dischargeDec 20, 13Mar 29, 16FastTrack Medical Solutions LLC
9072823 Safety needleMay 16, 13Jul 07, 15The Seaberg Company, Inc.
9033955 Device for treating pneumothorax, tension pneumothorax, pleural effusion, and hemothorax in neonatesFeb 18, 09May 19, 15Not available
7841338 Dispensing deviceApr 13, 07Nov 30, 10BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM INTERNATIONAL GMBH

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Recent Publications

Publication #TitleFiling DatePub DatePatent Owner
2019/0314,561 MODIFIED VERESS NEEDLE ASSEMBLY FOR TENSION PNEUMOTHORAX DECOMPRESSIONNov 03, 17Oct 17, 19The Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of The University of Arizona
2019/0307,937 SURGICAL SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USENov 22, 17Oct 10, 19Not available
2019/0290,815 Device, System and Method to Customize Chest Drainage TherapyMar 07, 17Sep 26, 19Not available
2019/0060,538 METHODS AND DEVICES FOR ACCESS TO HYPER-INFLATED LUNGOct 31, 16Feb 28, 19Not available
2017/0312,408 PLEURAL DRAINAGE SET AND PLEURAL DRAINAGE METHODNov 28, 14Nov 02, 17Not available
2017/0232,164 Decompression Needle AssemblyFeb 17, 16Aug 17, 17North American Rescue, LLC

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