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Subclass 1/00: Bowling-alleys; Boccia courts (bowling greens A63C 19/00)

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10166460 Process and system for managing a bowling centreAug 09, 16Jan 01, 19QubicaAMF Europe SPA
10130866 Process and system for managing a bowling centreNov 21, 13Nov 20, 18QubicaAMF Europe SPA
9421450 Mobile scoring system controlJun 02, 14Aug 23, 16BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS, LLC
8998736 Bowling ball elevating assembly for an automatic pinsetterMar 13, 13Apr 07, 15KEGEL, LLC
8863441 Platform arrangementDec 17, 12Oct 21, 14Not available
8771094 Mobile bowling scoring system controlMar 06, 12Jul 08, 14BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS, LLC
8636602 Bowling lane with mural imageJun 27, 12Jan 28, 14BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS, LLC
8435128 Bowling lane with mural imageJan 29, 10May 07, 13BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS, LLC
8387312 Platform arrangementJan 08, 10Mar 05, 13Not available
8088017 System and method for analyzing bowling ball motionJan 09, 08Jan 03, 12United States Bowling Congress, Inc.
7708647 LED light and sound system for bowling pin deckJun 18, 07May 04, 10Not available
7025687 Bowling center control systemJun 08, 04Apr 11, 06BRUNSWICK BOWLING PRODUCTS, LLC
6572484 Table for a bowling centerSep 17, 98Jun 03, 03COOPERATIVE CENTRALE RAIFFEISEN-BOERENLEEKBANK B.A.
6441724 Bowling scoring consoleAug 15, 97Aug 27, 02BRUNSWICK BOWLING & BILLIARDS CORPORATION
5846138 Method and apparatus for bowling in minimal ambient lightJun 02, 95Dec 08, 98GLOTEK, LLC

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