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Subclass 1/02: Evaporating (drying solid materials or objects by evaporating liquids therefrom F26B) Evaporators with heating coils

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Patent #TitleFiling DateIssue DatePatent Owner
10561960 Method and apparatus for purifying water, potable spirits and essential oilsFeb 09, 17Feb 18, 20Not available
10533810 Near-isothermal compressor/expanderMay 20, 16Jan 14, 20OTHER LAB, LLC
10512701 System for fluid sterilization for a vesselApr 11, 18Dec 24, 19Not available
10463983 Distillation and essence extractor insert for beer brewing machineMar 31, 17Nov 05, 19PicoBrew, Inc.
10392266 Treatment of produced water using indirect heatAug 23, 16Aug 27, 19ConocoPhillips Company
10391417 Liquid material vaporizaton apparatusDec 07, 16Aug 27, 19HORIBA STEC, CO., LTD.
10384145 EvaporatorOct 10, 16Aug 20, 19NEDERMAN HOLDING AB
10281209 Heat exchangers for low temperature carbon dioxide separation from natural gasDec 19, 17May 07, 19UOP LLC
10094594 Device and system for the implementation of the falling pond method to counter the upward diffussion of salt in a salinity gradient solar pondApr 29, 15Oct 09, 18Good Earth Mechanics, LLC
10071374 Apparatus and methods for creating a static and traversing thermal gradient on a microfluidic deviceAug 04, 14Sep 11, 18Waters Technologies Corporation
9993741 System and method to refurbish the non-convective zone in a salinity gradient solar pondJun 11, 15Jun 12, 18Good Earth Mechanics, LLC
9981202 Rotary evaporator with mechanical foam breakerMar 07, 14May 29, 18Hans Heidolph GmbH & Co. KG
9962622 Evaporator and fuel cell system using the evaporatorJul 01, 14May 08, 18Sumitomo Precision Products Co. Ltd.
9937435 Water vending apparatusNov 17, 14Apr 10, 18DEKA Products Limited Partnership
9868076 Stripping absorption moduleMay 18, 16Jan 16, 18Drystill Holdings Inc.
9682330 Cleaning system components with abrasivesJul 07, 14Jun 20, 17Not available
9610518 Water vapor distillation apparatus, method and systemJul 13, 12Apr 04, 17DEKA PRODUCTS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP
9567250 Methods, systems, and apparatus for disposal of oilfield waste waterDec 15, 14Feb 14, 17Not available
9393525 Forward osmosis: recyclable driving solutesApr 08, 11Jul 19, 16The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Interior, FRANKLIN, JOHN C., SEPARATION SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY,
9345987 Stripping absorption moduleNov 12, 13May 24, 16Drystill Holdings Inc.

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